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Sandy's Secret Sauce with Chicken Thighs

There is something sexy about a pasta meal. I don’t know what it is but I envision sitting with my favourite person in a pretty, dimly lit Italian restaurant enjoying a delicious pasta.
This pasta is rich and decadent AND has veggies too. I did my best to healthify it with some good quality soluble fiber. This lowers the glycemic load for the meal. You can make the sauce and the chicken but substitute for your fav gluten free pasta or even low carb shirataki noodles.
I call this Sandy’s Special Sauce, sometimes Sandy’s Secret Sauce and there are many variations – really, the possibilities are endless. Get the base right and you can add all sorts of veggies and make it so nutritious and make it yours. A gift from me to you.


✅About 6 chicken thighs. Boneless. Can also be skinless

✅1 cup of your fav tomato sauce (I use Rao’s Tomato Basil)
✅Filtered water
✅1/4 cup bone broth
✅2 tbsp freshly chopped basil
✅1 tbsp paprika
✅1 whole chopped onion
✅4 cloves minced garlic
✅1 package of white or cremini mushrooms
✅2 tbsp avocado oil
✅Pasta or gluten free pasta or shirataki noodles
✅Salt & pepper to taste

Sauté diced onion in avocado oil until translucent. Add in 1 tbsp of paprika and stir stir stir to ensure it doesn’t burn. Deglaze with the wine. Let wine cook off approx 5 mins. Add in your tomato sauce and garlic. Add in mushrooms as they will release water. Add in any other veggies you might want to add! Sauté on medium low so it’s a very low boil. Every once in a while add a splash of two of water to ensure the pan doesn’t get dry. If using chicken thighs with no bone, it should be done in about 30 mins. Ensure poultry is thoroughly cooked. Season with salt and pepper and freshly chopped basil. Serve with your choice of side. #homemadefood #lowcarb#glutenfree #sandyknutrition#holistichealth #balancedlife#holisticnutrition #holisticnutritionist#cookathome #addyourveggies