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Now more than ever in our world we need more gratitude.  We hear experts all over the world provide their advice on how to help you through this coronavirus pandemic.  We need our experts now.  We need to hear everything

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Fierce Love

I have a burden that I live with. Too much passion. Too much love. Too much happiness. Too much excitement. Too much anger. Too much drive. Too much sadness.   I can be a person of too much. When I

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Move That Ass…

Ahhh exercise – you and I have a tumultuous past. Actually, who am I kidding? I never exercised in my youth. It was more non-existent vs tumultuous.   I was always around 110 lbs, but never with any muscle. I

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My Concert Tribe

When I was a teenager, I saw so many bands from Depeche Mode to Simple Minds; and as a youthful 20-something, I saw the Rolling Stones and even the Grateful Dead before Jerry Garcia died. Every time I go to

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It’s so hard to be our true selves isn’t it?

I am the last person to criticize anyone for being preoccupied with their looks. At 50, full disclosure, I enjoy exploring options to turn back time. I love my skin procedures and all the quality lotions and potions that claim

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Good-bye 2019…

Ahhhh 2019. My kids were both graduates in 2019 along with their mother! How crazy is that? I graduated with a college diploma as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in the same year that one of my kids graduated from high

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Which Lab Tests Should I Get??

Many people want to take their health into their own hands including me! I study this stuff though, so I know what to do with the test results when I get it. I know how to support myself nutritionally through

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Supplements Supplements Supplements

There was a situation whereby I recommended omega 3’s to someone, and this person got increasingly unwell with stomach issues they somehow couldn’t resolve. They actually ended up in the emergency room thinking it was an appendicitis attack! It was

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Dear 28 Year Old Self

That guy, that broke your heart, well, he will not matter to you when you’re 49. What will matter is the lesson you learned from breaking up with him and finally moving on with your life and standing your ground.

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