rocks aligned in an abstract shape in the middle of desert

Endings and New Beginnings.

   Writing for me is therapeutic; always has been. This post is mostly about my own therapeutic release, but maybe there is a nugget of light that might help you as well. Last week we had an incredible trip to

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A picture of Sandy K in a black dress

Have We Forgotten Empathy?

It seems at every turn, there is someone taking a stance against something these days. And if you don’t agree with them, you’re the devil. You’re a demon. You’re evil. Or worse yet…you’re a Trump supporter. I’ve been called this

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Image of a little girl

A Reflection on 2020 and 6 Promises

The wonderment of a 3-year-old. She picked up this tiny shell and was so beyond fascinated with it. This photo is one of my favourite photos; not only because she is so adorable, but because I remember watching how enchanted

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Sandy K

Judgement: Let’s All Detach From It

I am the last person to criticize anyone for being preoccupied with their looks. At 50, full disclosure, I enjoy exploring options to turn back time. Who doesn’t love skin procedures and all the quality lotions and potions that claim

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15 Ways to Stay Grounded During A Pandemic

I truly find it puzzling how throughout this pandemic, with all the governing and medical bodies around the world speaking “at” us, no one speaks of the basics. Like I mean no one. Or, their voices are simply not heard,

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