Let’s Dance Into 2023 My Beautiful People

Today is New Year’s Day January 1, 2023, and I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2023.

We’ve all been through the ringer over the last 3 years or so.  Not one can say, “oh yeah, covid times were great times”.

I feel it’s as though once we got through all the lockdowns and the fear, there was a shadow veil of covid, as I call it.

For me, the year started off fantastic with travel to Las Vegas in February, Boston – speaking at the Biohacking Congress, Sedona, and Miami at the Biohacking Congress.

How could I complain?  I’m not complaining.  I had a lot of good in 2022.

2022 forced me to see things for what they were.

I saw my career exploding in a very different way from working with women one-on-one.  My podcast was truly getting noticed after 2 years of speaking into that mic in my little basement office – March 2023 will be my 3-year podcast anniversary.  I continued to grow my communities of like-minded people who want better options for wellness, and better options for aging strong.

I was working and grinding my business.

However, there was a shadow I refused to look deeper into until this darkness forced me to look inside.  After our family dog died a couple of days after our return from Sedona in August, I could no longer ignore the darkness.  My summer of 2022 was dark too, but I just wasn’t looking.  I experienced 8 weeks of long covid with a persistent cough that simply wouldn’t go away.

After the death of our dog, it was literally as though something – a force – pushed me off into this thick fog and I didn’t come out of it until closer to the end of the year.

I felt depression.  I felt despair.  I felt shame for the weight that I had gained.  I felt extreme sadness.  I felt guilt.  Even guilt from many years past bubbled up and came back to haunt me, until I let it go.

I have always said wellness doesn’t work without the spiritual aspect – so I went to back to biohack my own mental wellness and explore the darkness.  Again.  Been here before.  Spiritual biohacking my way.

We must always do the work.  It’s never one and done.  But what often happens is we get distracted; especially when things are going great.  The first sign appeared when this here nutritionist got long covid – something that was telling me to slow down, but I didn’t.  Instead, I worked on getting certified as a Metabolic Balance Coach.

Then came the death of my dog.  I had to slow down.  I had to go deep.  I couldn’t turn away from the shadow any longer.  My brain and my body just went dark, and I had to work through the sadness.

I met some incredible individuals who are experienced in soul guidance and in clearing those blocks that can cause pain, illness, weight gain, and more.

I do believe our bodies hold so much of the experiences we have.

I started to write again towards the end of 2022.  Explorative journaling.  Morning pages.  I did some extensive shadow work.  I released a lot of guilt and shame from my past.  I continued to dive deep in this area and have learned that this is a therapy – writing – that I mustn’t let go of.  I also lost a ton of weight.  Isn’t this interesting the way the internal work can reflect the external?  Some might say “big deal you went on a diet to lose weight” …

However, I had no drive to assess those layers piling onto my physical body until I worked on those internal layers first.

So, in 2023 if there is only one piece of health advice I will give you, it’s to go deeper on your internal wellness.  Whether you need to work with a specialist, or do the work yourself, it’s such an important aspect to wellness we mustn’t ignore.  That inside truly reflects outside.

I have podcast shows scheduled in the books until June 2023.  These topics include Limiting Beliefs, Longevity, Spermidine, Magnesium Uses, Hallmarks of Aging, Importance of Hormones, Best Supplements to Age Better, Osteoporosis, Biohacking Skincare, The Sedona Method, The Emotion Code, Metabolic Chaos, Breast Implant Disease, How Drugs Can Affect Health and so much more…

I have already announced that I will take on a group in early 2023 for Metabolic Balance.  This program has changed my physical health.  I am grateful for the work I first did internally to get me to this point (that I will continue!).  Please.  Don’t consider a diet and weight loss until you do the internal work first.  This is a major reason why so many gain all the weight back and yoyo their whole lives…internal first.  Then external.  If you’re ready, you can email me.  Intro cost is $1100.  Will go up to $1500 after this first group.

Please share my podcast show with anyone who you feel might benefit.  This is the best way to spread the word.  Next is if you can subscribe, rate & review with a few kind words on whichever platform you listen – my show is available anywhere and everywhere.

Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook @sandyknutrition everywhere.  I also have a private group on Facebook where I go live – Sandy K Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Queen Podcast private group.  Also, find me on Clubhouse for great 30 minute discussions on Biohacking Women 50+.

I want to thank each one of you for being a part of my community.  I feel blessed and grateful to be able to bring you alternative ways in which you can optimize your wellness.

May you and your families have a very Happy and Blessed 2023.  Let’s do this and fly into 2023 like those magnificent blue butterflies.  xx Sandy

Sandy K

Hello! I am Sandy Kruse

I am a firm believer that life experiences bring you to where you should be. I left my very-corporate, 10-11 hour days, sales management job over 10 years ago to raise my children.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have the safest way to health”

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