Dear 28 Year Old Self

That guy, that broke your heart, well, he will not matter to you when you’re 49. What will matter is the lesson you learned from breaking up with him and finally moving on with your life and standing your ground. This lesson will lead you to the best husband or partner one can have, who loves, respects and honors the person that you are.

That body, it’s going to change tremendously. Your long thin legs will be replaced with curves and thighs that you couldn’t imagine having. And you can fight it all you want, lose the weight, gain the weight back – whatever it is, you will land differently at 49 than at 28. It’s okay. The outside is a shell and while beautiful and youthful, that’s all it is. Nurture the inside of you always, because that’s what really counts.

All those obligations, that you always say yes to because you feel you have to, at 49 you won’t remember them and all you will remember is how you were forced into doing stuff that doesn’t make you happy. Learn to say no, without guilt, when it’s not important to say yes. Life’s too short to be filled with obligatory commitments.

Keep up with a spiritual practice. There is something bigger than us. Whatever your beliefs are, believe this one fact, and practice what resonates with you.

Practice gratitude. When you focus on all the blessings you have in life, there is little time for fear, worry, anger and hate.

Fear, worry and guilt are useless emotions. Fear and worry means you’re living your life ahead, perceiving what might happen. Guilt means you’re looking behind which often results in self-blame. The only way to truly live a fulfilled life is to live in the present moment. Learn how to do this.

That tattoo or piercing you’re thinking of getting, wait. Wait until you have a tiny glimpse of your life ahead before making a decision on something almost impossible to erase.

Close friends now may not be close friends later. Sometimes they too become obligatory commitments. It’s ok to say no and it’s ok to let go. Friends come in and out of your life for a reason. Forcing anything never feels right. And few friends stay forever. Cherish those ones.

That party lifestyle, it’ll take its toll. Learn now how to live a life of balance. That delicate balancing act will save you from built up toxins and damage that will manifest later. Have fun, party, let loose, but allow proper recuperation and regeneration with exercise, sleep and good nourishment. Learn this now, not later, when disease has already materialized.

Ah those babies you’re likely going to have. They will take a whole other toll on your life. They will cause you stress and pain and lack of sleep and frustration. But they will also give you a joy that’s indescribable. Do not give your whole self to them or when they leave the nest there will be nothing left of you. Ensure you have your own life so your life doesn’t completely become theirs. Enjoy your partner. Keep that spark alive. Do what fuels your own fire and no one else’s. This is what will keep your own sense of self alive. It is not selfish, it is self-care.

There are very few people who truly intend to hurt you. Most of us are just navigating through this world trying to do our best and are good people. We all just want to be loved and accepted. Don’t take things personally, and see the best in those around you. Holding onto anger and resentment will only manifest in negative ways. Like I always say to my children – whatever you choose to put out there into this world, you can expect it to come right back to you.

Sandy K

Hello! I am Sandy Kruse

I am a firm believer that life experiences bring you to where you should be. I left my very-corporate, 10-11 hour days, sales management job over 10 years ago to raise my children.

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