A Reflection on 2020 and 6 Promises

The wonderment of a 3-year-old. She picked up this tiny shell and was so beyond fascinated with it. This photo is one of my favourite photos; not only because she is so adorable, but because I remember watching how enchanted she was with something most adults would consider so insignificant.

Since the virus, I have become more captivated with what is all around me. I recorded a podcast (one of my personal favourites!) on signs and symbols of our universe. Episode 25 linked here.

I walk in nature almost everyday. I pay attention to all the subtle gestures in nature. I purposely do not walk with headphones when I do a forest or trail walk because I want to hear nature sounds all around me. When I pick up a wishbone-shaped branch, I make a wish. When I spot a cardinal, I pay attention. When I hear or see a unique bird, I watch it in wonderment. I see beauty in the colours of nature.

All of this makes me a happier person. The squirrels don’t know we are in a world pandemic. Our young children don’t know either.

What have I learned throughout 2020? I will not glorify this year. I remain positive for the most part, but I also won’t pretend like 2020 is best thing to ever happen to me.

I am so fortunate to be able to work from home and to care for my family. While there aren’t any guarantees, I feel so empowered that I can use my knowledge to be proactive with our health.

2020. Many have lost their livelihoods. Many have lost family and friends. Many have suffered in silent isolation. I don’t believe in glorifying 2020, but we can most definitely pull out a few nuggets of learning. Mine is becoming more at one with the healing and grounding powers of nature. That’s my nugget.

2021. So many unknowns. I talk about this regularly – when we look too far and too detailed into the future, we can get very anxious. So while we can’t ignore the future and need to plan somewhat, we need to do what we can to remain present, just like in this photo. Focus on what’s right in front of us.

Yes there is negative out there – a lot of it. What I choose to do is set aside what doesn’t serve me and that includes all mainstream forms of media. I love to research what I can do – what I have control over. I love to be a free thinker to make my own decisions on what I feel is right for me. I love to help people. I love to educate others and show them a different way if they want to listen. If they don’t, I don’t preach and I don’t proclaim to be perfect. I also don’t proclaim to know it all. I am a constant work in progress and always learning.

2021. I will go at it with my usual annual feng shui’ing of my home. This makes me feel protected, like I’m doing all I can space-wise and energy-wise to optimize the health of my home. I will try to be more organized in my business. I will write more. I will continue to surround myself with supportive and empowering women in day-to-day life and in the holistic health space.

Here is my promise to my clients and my community:

1). I will always have your best interest at heart first. I won’t tell you that Doterra essential oils will cure almost every issue in your life because I sell Doterra essential oils…(which I don’t, by the way).
2). I will always do my best to help you to the best of my knowledge. My knowledge is constantly growing and I am always learning. I promise to keep up on everything I can.
3). My number one goal is to help people feel more balanced. I am not a doctor – I do not cure, heal or diagnose disease and I do not run lab tests (although I can make suggestions on what to ask your doctor for!). I look at body systems to assess imbalances and see how I can address the root cause of symptoms through food, therapeutic-grade supplements, homeopathics, and lifestyle.
4). I am not a believer in strict diets and regimens. While you may have to eliminate a couple of foods or a food group for a period of time to heal, I am a believer in eating a little bit of everything. That is from whole real foods, organic where possible, ethically-raised clean animal protein, and I always support local. I believe in the 80/20 rule – 80% of the time you eat this way.
5). I will always be passionate about what I do. This is what makes me good at it. If I lose that passion – I am out!
6). I will never claim to be perfect. A teacher once said something like this “you must emulate the life that you’re recommending.” I don’t recommend perfection. I don’t judge others for their imperfections (well, unless you’re my husband or children – ha!). I encourage balanced living, balanced eating, balanced drinking, balanced pleasures in life. And I live exactly this way!

I am here to help you with your journey, and this is what I know for Sandy K Nutrition.

Blessings to you and to your friends and family and here’s to a healthful and joyous 2021.

Sandy K

Hello! I am Sandy Kruse

I am a firm believer that life experiences bring you to where you should be. I left my very-corporate, 10-11 hour days, sales management job over 10 years ago to raise my children.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have the safest way to health”

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