How NeoRhythm Can Improve Your Life

I talk a lot about stress – in my podcast episodes, and on my social media channels – because it’s one of the most important factors to overall health and well-being. Stress can contribute to many negative health consequences including digestive issues, hormonal disruption and even more serious illness over prolonged periods of time. I don’t work with my clients on anything without addressing their stress.

I often tell clients to meditate and learn mindfulness techniques. Sometimes this is easier said than done when one is living in an extremely stressful state. When you’re running on empty, calming the mind just might not be possible.

This is where NeoRhythm comes in…but wait there’s more.

Our entire world has been turned upside down these last 7 months or so. Many are working from home, with other family members present, and this can make it difficult to focus and concentrate.

This is where NeoRhythm comes in…

So now you’re wondering how can NeoRhythm help from one extreme which is a need to calm down, but then help with someone who needs to get stuff done and focus on an intense project?

It can do this because NeoRhythm can safely alter the state of mind in which you wish to achieve.

NeoRhythm is a wearable, gesture-controlled headband, and it comes with an app where you choose what state of mind you wish to achieve. These states include improved sleep, meditation, deep relaxation, improve focus, energy & vitality and even pain management. It’s truly an amazing tool to have in your toolbox – especially knowing how important it is to live a stress-free lifestyle for a strong immune system. NeoRhythm can help you do this.

Everything we do is reflected in our brainwaves using different frequencies – alpha, beta, theta, gamma and delta. Using brain entrainment (safe technology similar to technology used in MRI machines) your brain synchronizes to the frequency emitted by your NeoRhythm headband.

This technology is called PEMF – pulsed electromagnetic field. If you’re like me, you will question if this is safe, because we all know certain electromagnetic frequencies can be unsafe. What it comes down to is about the ionizing vs non-ionizing, strength, duration of the frequencies. To make it simple – NeoRhythm’s frequencies would be no stronger than what we experience in nature – like a thunderstorm – our bodies know what to do with it!

See their website for more details on this.

The most important thing to remember about NeoRhythm is that it’s technology to help with your stress, pain, focus and more. It’s the wave of the future because of the complex lives we live. I see it as a tool to have in my toolbox during times that I need it and can’t switch on or off. I am so excited to see how NeoRhythm will improve my life as I keep using it.

This is not medical advice and is for educational purposes only – please see your own practitioner to see if NeoRhythm is right for you. Sponsored by NeoRhythm.

For more on NeoRhythm check them out here NeoRhythm

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